With the successful launch of our first product in 2020, we intend to expand our pipeline of product candidates in the gastroenterology disease space. We plan to accomplish this goal through in-licensing or acquisition of other drug products and product candidates, with a focus on those that utilize novel technologies to improve the profile of previously approved compounds.

At Evoke Pharma, we are particularly interested in

  • Programs with supporting clinical data
  • Products that contain previously approved compounds
  • Considerable exclusivity or intellectual property
  • Novel gastroenterology-focused treatment paradigm

We are also dedicated to leveraging our capabilities with other development partnerships, commercial organizations, and external consultants.

A blend of helpful services for healthcare professionals and patients

Evoke has an agreement with EVERSANA™ Life Sciences for the complete commercialization of GIMOTI in the United States. Through this partnership, we are able to leverage EVERSANA’s suite of capabilities and experts to implement our commercial strategy for GIMOTI. The collaboration between Evoke and EVERSANA allows us to offer a seamless integrated advantage across sales, marketing, access and reimbursement services, adherence, product distribution, and other services. Read the press release.